Solvency II

I have been involved in Solvency II for a number of years, initially in government and more recently in the private sector in various capacities.  I have also provided a range of training services on Solvency II, including Board training.  

There are a number of posts about Solvency II in this blog: 

1.   Some thoughts on the transition to Solvency II ('the end of the begining?') written in December 2014 as the deadline for implementation firmed up (here);

2.  Some thoughts on the puzzling impact of Solvency II on competition (here);

3.  Some reflections on the objective of Solvency II, written when the Omnibus 2 directive was hanging in the balance (here);

4.  A review of the impact analysis of the level 2 implementing measures, including changes to capita charges on assets (here);

5. Some thoughts on the potential impact of the spread risk treatment of securitisations under Solvency II (here).

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