About me

I am a commercially astute, senior risk practitioner with extensive experience of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).   I have first-hand experience of the full cycle of risk and capital regulation for banking and insurance (Solvency 2 and Basel):   
  • policy development (HM Treasury);  
  • economic analysis / impact assessment of financial regulation (UK’s FSA and Prudential); 
  • influencing (Prudential and Aviva); and 
  • implementation of regulatory requirements (Aviva and Crescendo Advisors).
My career started as an economist in consulting (NERA).  I then moved into financial regulation (UK's FSA).  I worked on retail and prudential issues such as the potential benefits of switching pensions and the determinants of banks' capital holding.  

From economic analysis, I moved into policy making.  I took a secondment to HM Treasury to work on risk-capital regulation.  Most of the work was on the development of Solvency 2.   The economics training proved useful in terms of communication skills, the focus on key assumptions and making sense of uncertainty. 

I then moved to the private sector where I have worked in regulatory relationship management (covering at different times both policy development and implementation of regulatory requirements), impact analysis and implementation of regulatory requirements. 

Further details about my credentials and publications are available from my website.

You can contact me at: isaacalfonblog "at" gmail.com or isaac.alfon "at" crescendo-erm.com

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